36 string Ard Ri Harp, Celtic Irish Harp, Irish full size lever harp


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36 string Ard Ri Harp, Celtic Irish Harp, Irish full-size lever harp

Harp range has been created with the student, beginner, and hobbyist in mind. Developed and designed in headquarters in PAK. Each Celtic & Folk Harp consists of stunning handcrafted designs, a hardwood frame made from a selection of timbers, a tonewood soundboard, nylon strings, quick-release levers and durable tuning pins and bridge pins.

Harp is not only one of the most beautiful music instruments from history and in the modern-day but is also one of the most elegant sounding as well. The custom made Ard Ri Harps line of products from Muzikkon with beautiful 5 panel solid walnut back not only sounds fantastic but will last you the longest time as well boosted by their superior materials and supreme build quality.

36 Starting Ard Ri Harp

• Features 26 hard nylon strings from Dupont and 10 Steel String.
• 36 sharpening levers.
• Strings are colored according to the notes for easy play.
• Body of this harp is made from Solid Walnut wood.
• Soundboard is made from Sprucewood.
• 52″ High. • Special stainless steel hardware is used on this harp.
• Note range of this harp is from A1 to A6.
• Lowest Note (Bass Note): 6th Oct A
• Highest Note (Thinnest top): 1st Oct A
• 5 Octaves

• Harp tuning tool, extra Nylon Strings, and a padded harp gig bag is included.

NOTE: 4-6 Working days delivery time.


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