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Best Utility Kilts For Women 2020

A traditional 8-yard kilt was worn exclusively by men. It began as a style of dress reserved only for men. But can women also wear the highland dress? Are there any kilts for women too? The answer is quite simple. Yes, women can also enjoy this traditional style of dress with as much style and class as men.

In the beginning, the highland dress was only worn by men. It was reserved for males in the military. But the kilts evolved with the time, and now they are not an article of clothing reserved for men anymore. Kilts for ladies are as popular as men’s kilts these days.

Kilts for women- comfortable and stylish:

Kilts are in fashion these days. But do you know they have a long history that goes back to the 16th century? Highlanders used to wear kilts with pride and respect. It is interesting to know that kilts are the national garb of Scotland, and they still wear it to showcase their pride for their Celtic culture.

The best thing about Scottish kilts is that it can be worn as day to day attire as well. No matter you are going to highland games or a wedding, you can wear this traditional piece of garment. But do women wear kilts? Of course, they do. The first kilts for ladies appear on the scene in 1800.

They started wearing this traditional garment during Scottish highland dance performances. Then in the 1900s, a more feminine outfit “kilted skirts” was introduced that resembled the Scottish kilts. With the passage of time, it continued to evolve, and today Scottish kilts for ladies are available in different styles and designs. Be it a tartan kilt for women or highland kilt; they can rock it.

Best women utility kilts for sale:

There are several types of kilts available for women out there. You can choose one according to the occasion. If you are going to attend a formal event, then pick a kilt accordingly. But if you are looking for a kilt that is comfortable to wear and is stylish too, then nothing is better than a utility kilt. The girls want to wear stylish and trendy dresses even at work, so here are some of the best utility kilts for females:

  • Black utility kilt:

You are looking for a kilt that is simple yet elegant; then, black utility kilt is the right choice. It is a stylish kilt that looks decent, so you don’t need to worry about your appearance at work. It comes with two flap pockets on the sides and one small pocket at the back of the kilt. You can keep tools in your pockets while working. The rust-free chrome buttons are used to decorate this skirt-like garment.

The front apron is quite simple as only studs are used to give it a nice look. It is a pretty decent piece of garment that you can wear at work.

  • Yellow utility kilt with leather straps:

It is one of the kilts that must be in the best utility kilts for the ladies’ list. It has a simple front apron with two flap pockets on either side. Four buttons are used to decorate each flap pocket. These buttons are rust-free. The leather flaps on the sides give this kilt a stylish look. As far as the quality is concerned, it is made from 10% cotton material.

  • Red utility kilts with net pockets:

You might have noticed that the girls always have the red color in their wardrobe. So, why not a red utility kilt with net pockets? It has a simple front apron and flat net fabric on the side. It comes with red net pockets on the side, which makes it a perfect kilt for girls.

  • Ladies purple utility Scottish kilt skirt:

Purple is your favorite, then why don’t you have a purple kilt in your wardrobe? It is a stylish utility kilt that has a simple front apron and pleats at the back. The pockets on the side make it easy for you to keep things. There are straps at the size. It is a stylish kilt for those who want to rock their look at work and need a comfortable kilt that comes with pockets. It is made of quality cotton.

  • Pink net pocket utility kilt:

Pink is the color for girls. So, if you want to have a kilt in pink, then what can be better than the pink net pocket utility kilt? It has two flap pockets on each side, which are made from the net. The layer of net fabric on edge at the front looks amazing. It is a highly comfortable kilt designed for women out there.

Right measurement for kilts:

Female clothing fashion tends to have a lot more room to bloom into more diverse styles. But choosing the right size is always important no matter what you are buying. Be it an evening gown or a kilt; it will look great only when you choose the right fit.

Never use your trouser measurements to buy a kilt. You need to measure your hips, length, and waist before buying a kilt. Most manufacturers have given a sizing guide to help customers in taking the right measurements. If you are buying it online, then remember that you wouldn’t be able to try kilts before buying, so make sure that you give correct measurements while placing an order.


Women can wear kilt no matter they belong to Scotland or not. There are different types of kilts available, but make sure you get one according to the occasion. You cannot wear a utility kilt on formal occasions. Similarly, you can’t wear a formal kilt at work. So, choosing the right kilt is necessary.

Also, make sure that you know the best place to buy a kilt from, for there are many sellers out there claiming to sell high-quality kilts. Always check the quality first before buying a kilt. Utility kilts allow you to be stylish at your job.