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Plus size corsets

What you should know about plus size corsets

The corset is one of those historical fashion accessories that are still alive even after centuries. Corsets were extremely popular in Britain during the Victorian time, and they are still in the fashion industry. There are lots of reasons for their success. First of all, it can change the personality of women by giving them more attractive looks. There is a perception that women look more beautiful with the comparatively thinner waist, and corsets can help them to achieve that look. The plus size corsets can make the chubby women look more elegant and stylish. There was a time when the corsets were considered as the torturing fashion accessory for women because it can affect the lower ribs of women very badly. But the modern corsets are slightly modified, and they come in various size, stuff and style therefore now women can select the corset according to her need, requirement, and physical tolerance.

History of Corsets

There are few pieces of evidence of the use of corsets in the 1500s. The utility of corsets in the 1700s is undeniable. The basic purpose of corsets at that time was the slimming of the waist, and some women also crossed their limits to do so. The stuff of corsets at that time was very tough, and it was very hard for women to breathe comfortably. Boning was used to stiffen the corsets because it was tough and hard to break. After some time, the usage of corsets become less popular due to its practical limitation. The boning is replaced with the plastic and spring steels. Even after the defamation of corset, it somehow remained alive in the fashion industry. Now corsets are more flexible and come in wide range of variety to facilitate all types of women.

Styles of Plus Size Corset Tops

There are two popular styles of plus size corsets; traditional corsets and fashion corsets. The traditional corsets are like the Victorian time's corsets. They are just designed to slim the waist. The difference between the plus size traditional corset and the misses size corsets is that any corset with the waist size of equal or less than 34 inches in defined as the misses size corsets. It reduces only 2 to 3 inches of the women's waist while the plus size reduces approximately 6 inches of women's waist. The other type of corset, fashion corset, is not just focused on the slimming of the waist but also the coloring and designing of corsets. These types of corsets come in several colors. The fashion corsets are not that famous because they cost too much, and mostly women wear corsets under the clothes, so point to buy a corset with special designs and color.

Best Places to Wear plus size Corsets

Every woman should know that it is dangerous to wear corsets all the time. It is recommended to wear it only on special occasions. The wedding is the most appropriate occasion to wear the corset because it is the day when everyone focuses on you and you have to look the most beautiful woman in the ceremony. You can also wear it on your friends’ wedding. If you are a professional model, then you can wear it on fashion parties as your living depends on your looks but all other women should take special care while wearing this item. The point here is that you have all the right to look beautiful, and you should strive for it, but it does not mean that you have to cross your natural limits. You can’t punish your body to please other people, it the injustice with your body. Take pride in your physique and looks.

In the end, corsets are very interesting fashion product with a long history but, unfortunately, its reputation is not as good as it deserved. The over use of everything is wrong therefore it is not recommended to use corsets regularly, but occasional use of corsets can help the women to gain self-confidence. Plus size corset are the solution of all medical problems of corsets because they don’t cross the natural physical limits of human body and at the same time provide smart looks to the women. It is very crucial for women to understand the size and types of corsets before buying it.

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