Kilts Definition; Scotland’s Spectacular Dress Perfect For All Occasions

Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world where you find everything from lovely beaches to beautiful mountains. Besides, a kilt is one of the most amazing things that are connected with Scotland. Name a few popular things about Scotland. A kilt is indeed one of them. What is kilts’ definition? What it is and why it is connected with the Scottish culture? It is a skirt-like garment with many folds traditionally worn by Scottish men. It is usually made from tartan wool.

History of the kilt:

Many people think that a kilt has always been a part of Scottish culture, which is not true. Most of you believe so because of the movie Braveheart in which they showed people wearing kilts in the 13th century. Well, the movie got it all wrong as kilts were originated back to the 16th century. Highlanders of northern Scotland traditionally wore a full-length garment. The garment was draped over the shoulder. So, we can say that the kilts did not appear on the scene until the 16th century.

Types of kilts:

The kilts are a super comfortable garment worn by Scottish people. As a matter of fact, it is a symbol of their pride and patriotism. It is a sacred garment for them and a way to showcase their Celtic culture. The highland dress maintains a distinct style. No matter you wear a traditional kilt or choose a modern design, it looks gorgeous.

Choosing a kilt can sometimes be intimidating as there are numerous designs and styles are available out there.

  • Utility kilts:

You want to rock your look even at work; then, utility kilt is the right option. They are made from heavy-duty duty fabric. It features pockets so that you can carry stuff like mobile phones, wallets, and tools, etc. while working. Utility kilts have pleats on the side and a plain front, which gives it a modern look.

  • Denim kilts:

Those who love to wear denim can find the perfect denim kilts at the Scottish Kilt Collection. Denim is one of the most versatile fabrics and provides comfort and convenience to the wearer. It has two tactical pockets to carry stuff. Though the front apron is plain, the decorative chrome hooks give it a beautiful look.

  • Leather kilts:

Who does not love leather? Leather kilts are perfect to be worn at work and even at the parties. Two cargo pockets on the sides make it a convenient piece of garment to be worn at work. It is made from 100% pure leather, so make sure you take care of it.

  • Tartan kilts:

You want something to wear at highland games or some other formal occasions; the tartan kilts are a perfect choice. Tartan kilts are made from pure wool and are available in different colors. These kilts have crisscrossed lines on a colored background. You want something traditional at your wedding then wearing a tartan kilt is the right choice.

Types of pleats on a kilt:

Every kilt has different types of pleats. Pleats look fantastic and give the highland dress a modern yet stunning look. A pleat is the type of fold formed by doubling fabric back.

  • Box pleats:

Box pleats spring out from the waistline. Box pleats are actually the knife pleats back to back.

  • Pleats to sett:

Each pleat is positioned on in a way that the pattern appears on the pleated portion.

  • Pleats to stripe:

It is a traditional military style. In pleats to stripe style, a prominent stripe in the patter is picked and then centered down in the middle of each pleat.

Should you rent a kilt or purchase it?

Since the kilt is a comfortable and exotic garment worn by the highlanders, it is becoming popular all over the world. A kilt looks great only when it is made from high quality and genuine materials. But quality kilts are expensive. So, most people think that renting a kilt is a great option. Well, renting a kilt does not come cheaper. Besides, you should think about the long term purposes. You have to invest in purchasing a kilt for once, and you would be able to wear it on several occasions.

Why should you purchase a kilt online?  

Why should you buy a highland dress when you have them in the physical stores as well? Buying a kilt is not an easy task, especially when you are purchasing it for the first time. The pushy salesmen in the shop would be convincing you to buy a certain kilt which you may not need. After all, they have to sell it anyhow. But when you buy it online, you have enough time to check all the options available without any interruption.

You can go through hundreds of reviews before buying the highland dress, which results in making the right decision.

You can take the measurements in the comfort of your home. No one wants to stand in front of a stranger in the shop who takes measures.

At, you will find a huge collection of traditional and modern kilts. You can check the features of each kilt before buying so that you don’t end up purchasing one that you don’t need. So, it is always a better idea to purchase a highland dress online as you would be able to find all the accessories too.

Summing up:

Whatever the kilt’s definition is, it is the manliest garment ever. It looks stylish, stunning, and is comfortable to wear. The best part of purchasing the Scottish kilt is that you can wear it on all occasions. Also, it is a great way to showcase your Celtic pride. Make sure you pick the right sized kilt as it looks great only when it perfectly fits you. Make sure that you choose the right doublet to wear with the kilt. It does not matter whether you have any connection to Scotland or not; you can wear it with pride.

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