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    WW2 German M43 Field Grey Wool Tunic Repro Army Heer Jacket

    M43 Tunics of the German Heer in Field Grey wool.
    These tunics are detailed reproductions of the M43s worn by Troops in the German Heer during WW2.
    They have been developed directly from an original, and have a much higher wool content than the majority of other reproductions. The 80% wool manufacture gives the tunic a much more authentic feel when worn, making these some of the best repros around.
    The M43 Tunic itself was first seen in mid-1943, and by the following year, they were the most commonly worn uniform by German troops. Their introduction was largely due to the need to simplify their unform design, as time and material became expensive resources. This is seen through certain details, such as pleats no longer being added to the pockets.
    The tunics have the correctly buttoned front and come with the white piped shoulder boards of the infantry as standard.
    High-quality M43 tunics in Field Grey.

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