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    New Kilt Kiltish ladies maroon utility Scottish kilt

    New Kiltish ladies Christmas stylish maroon Irish utility Scottish kilts
    We are a traditional Scottish kilts Cotton, Denim and Original Leather Kilts and Original Kilt Sporrans manufacturer and all kilt accessories that maintain the kilt history still in manufacturing process. Traditional Scottish Kilts available for men, women and children at very cheap prices.
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    If your size is not available & if you want to change anything in this KILT you can send 
    Us Custom Order Request…
    Belt loops
    Length: 24 inches Standard  
    All available colours according to customer need Black, Brown, Olive Green, Grey, Red ,Blue, Purple, Khaki
    The colour of item could slightly change from Display pictures due to camera variations and light reflections.
    Used Two Pockets for Storage
    Sewn Down All Plates
    Custom Made Kilt Shop
    Kilt chains are available separately If you need the cost is only $20.
    Within a Week delivery Facility is also available on your Request !!! 
                                 MEASUREMENT INSTRUCTIONS
     How to Measure Kilt?
    Size of Kilt is different from Pent/trouser size. So don’t send us your pent/trouser size.
    We need three size figures.
    Waist size
    Hips size
    Kilt Drop Length
    Step 1: Plan to fasten your kilt (Waist size)
    Put a measuring tape all around you where you have the plane to fasten kilt, make your measurement tape not much tight, normally it’s your tummy button or all it’s up to you.
    Step 2:  Hip measurement (Hip size)
    The second figure that we need is the hip size that is the widest point of your hip. It’s important figure when your hip size large than in normal.
    Step 3: Drop Measurement (Kilt Length)
    It starts from your fastening point to down to where you want the bottom of the kilt to be. Normally top of the knee is an endpoint of kilt drop length, it’s your kilt can be anywhere you like.
    Generally, the Standard Drop length is 24 for male and for a female are 20. It’s a custom-made kilt choice is yours.
    Please note in your order if you have a specific color/tone preference for your choice of denim, leather or 100% cotton. We will do our best to provide what you are looking for in a kilt. If there is something specific that is not listed, please contact us directly for a quote.
    Availability: Each of our kilts is made to order using your measurements to ensure a flattering and comfortable fit. As such, it will take an estimated 2 to 3 weeks for our studio to create and ship your order. For expedited processing, please mention in order detail. Additionally, if you need this item for a special event and want to make sure you will have it in hand by that date (even if your event falls after the 2-4 week estimated shipping time frame), please let us know either by email or in the “order comments” at check out so we can work with you to provide your custom-made kilt in time for your special event. Please follow the kilt measurement instructions before pickup the size.
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    Utility Kilt Women made of 100% cotton in olive green color with side flapped pockets with button fastening. This olive green kilt for women has chrome buttons, chains, d-rings, and black leather straps with button fastening. This Women Utility Kilt has a perfect combination of modern and classic design. You can wear this kilt at party events and in a street fashion.

    Material: 100% Cotton
    Fabric: Drill Jeans
    Style: Utility
    Type: Fashion/Gothic
    Color: Olive Green
    Fastening: Buttons
    Straps: Black Leather
    Hardware: Select Any One
    Size: Made to Order
    Scottish Clothing and Accessories Shop that offer an Extensive Range of High-Quality Custom Made Outfits. We offer the ultimate customization in creating your very own Kilt. We customized Kilt exclusively tailored for you. Just complete the above options to complete customization of your kilt, and receive a state-of-the-art Kilt that is fit for you.


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