• New Great Fashion Italian...

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    New Great Fashion Italian Flag Kilt For Men
    Italian Patriotic Kilt made of 100% cotton in the gray color with the Italian flag on the front panel which made of green, white and red panels. Utility Italian Flag Kilt has both side pockets with flapped and buttons closures. You can get this Kilt in different colors according to your measurement. 
    • Material: 100% Cotton
    • Fabric: Drill Jeans
    • Style: Utility/
    • Type: Flag/Italian Patriotic
    • Colors: Green, White & Red
    • Fastening: Straps with Buttons
    • Side Pocket: Flapped with Button
    • Front Apron: Italian Flag
    • Decorated: Straps. Rings, Hooks & Buttons
    • Straps: Leather
  • New Great Scottish Best F...

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    New Great Scottish Best Firefighter Kilt

    Best Firefighter Kilt is the most recent current plan kilt for fire fighter and firemen. This excellent and staggering Firefighter Kilt is another plan with a definitive look and planned by Reflecting tapes add eye catcher highlight to this kilt. Because of the great obvious reflector tape, you can remain noticeable even in obscurity. 
    Material: 100% Cotton 
    Texture: Drill Jeans 
    Style: Utility 
    Type: Firefighter/Scottish/Highland 
    Back Pocket: Flapped with Clip 
    Pocket Clip: Plastic 
    Waist bands: 4/Extra Large 
    Attaching: Leather Strap with Buckle 
    Embellished: Loops/Clips/Reflectors 
    Reflectors: Silver with Lime Trim/Silver with Orange Trim 
    Front Reflectors: Double 
    Back Reflectors: Three 
    Flexibility: 1 Inch
  • New Scottish Modern Utili...

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    New Scottish Modern Utility Red & Black Plaid Kilt

    This is a brilliant red dim cotton made utility Black and red Plaid Kilt for our customers. This is an engaging and current arrangement kilt which is made by the standard of the kilt. Generally current and configuration loving people, love to wear such a kilt. Our makers have used two tones for making this kilt which is dull and red anyway it is the choice of the customers. You can pick your own #1 tone. Lashes and secures are reliably critical a kilt in light of the fact that these assistants in appending the kilt.

    Features of the Kilt .
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    Material: Cotton
    Shading in obscurity red tone
    Open In all Sizes
    Best Handmade Work
    Premium Buttons
    Metal Studs
    Metal d rings
    Limit pockets

  • Scottish Red With Front B...

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    Scottish Red With Front Black Panel Kilt Utility Kilts

    Utility Kilt Black And Red is made of 100% cotton Drill Jeans fabric in black color with red threading, belt loops, straps, and pockets. This Red And Black Kilt comes with black leather straps with black button fastening, black front apron black side pockets, black belt loops, and black straps. We offer all kilts with custom options in measurements, colors, and hardware so you have full choice to make an order with us.


    Material: 100% Cotton
    Fabric: Drill Jeans
    Style: Utility
    Type: Scottish/Highland
    Fastening: Leather Straps with Buttons
    Pockets: Both Side Flapped
    Decorated: Color Contrasting/D-Rings
    Hardware: Black

  • Skc Black Red Hybrid Kilt

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  • Tactical Hybrid Kilt

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  • Tactical Hybrid Kilt

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  • Tartan Hybrid Utility Kil...

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  • Ultimate Hybrid Kilt R...

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  • US American Flag Hybrid U...

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  • Utility Kilt Hybrid Moder...

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  • Versatile Beige Black Hyb...

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